Our 2018 membership renewal drive starts October 29.

Yearly membership is $20.00 and entrance fee remains at $4.00 for regular nights and FREE for party nights. Your nametag is still good for entry. New members receive a free nametag, replacement nametags are $2.00.

If you have any changes to make in your name, phone, email, mailing address or emergency contact please put your name and the new information in writing to hand to our volunteer enrollers or cashiers.

To try to make it fast and easy we have a number of ways to renew:

OPTION 1) Emailed Invoice - Pay online with a Credit Card All our current members (and expired members from 2016) will soon receive an electronic invoice that will allow you to renew online and skip the line! Your nametag and membership will renew and our new credit card service will provide your receipt automatically, there is a $1 credit card processing fee so the charge renewal charge will be $21. The entire transaction is managed through the gateway, the Club never has access to your credit card information (except the last few digits for future reference).

**Please note, paying the invoice is absolutely optional and meant to shorten the renewal/enrollment lines for everyone. Our new enrollment system will find you with or without the invoice in hand should you choose to renew in person.

OPTION 2) Renew in the Lobby with Cash, Check or Credit Card When you renew, you may pay that night's entry fee at the same time to keep it simple! Please note there will be an additional $1 credit card processing fee.

OPTION 3) Mail your renewal check to Balboa Park Dancers, 10146 Swanton Drive, Santee, CA. 92071

Membership dues pay our teachers, cashiers, club expenses and hopefully this year will fund a second Bose speaker for our Ballroom! Our Board members are all volunteers and only receive free entry to our dances in exchange for their service to the club. If you are interested in becoming a board member, volunteering or just communicating with the board, please drop a note in the suggestion box or send an email to president.bpd@gmail.com. All correspondence is reviewed by the entire board unless the president, serving past president and vice president consider it a confidential matter to be handled privately.